Chicken Thighs in an Hour.

Every afternoon we’re chasing time. Playtime, park, dinner, bedtime, diaper changes and preparing for the next day. And, most of all trying to get a little time just being girlfriend and boyfriend.

Our time of unwinding is making food. We would love to have more time doing it together, but with a baby it’s close to mission impossible; She’s more into breasts than her father. Today it was my turn. After an hour and some terrible burns on the fingers this was the result:

And, it was a huge success. Our son ate everything on the plate and we got some quiet family time together over a nice meal. 

Using time on family and all the things which comes with it totally worth it!

BTW: Pat on the back, I do the dishes as well!

Recipes to follow. 


Lemon Cake Date

My girlfriend makes the best lemon cake. 

Today is a really hot day. I prepared some vanilla ice cream yesterday and will make a cherry coulis to go with it. This is a saucy, sexy and smooth dessert just like my girlfriend. 

Let’s get the kids to bed.