Cauliflower Couscous

Cauliflower. Cauliflower. Cauliflower.


Where to begin. Not to offend anyone or the cauliflower itself. There are so many uses of cauliflower, but still it lack the “personality” and the “character” of it’s harmanos such as kale, broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts. It is the shy cousin hiding behind the leaves and needs some help to pop out.

However with the much needed help from distant relatives it will pop and make a good addition to any meal. Cauliflower is one of those vegetables which seems to divide the public and there are probably many discussions around the dinner table trying to have the kids trying it out.

On the other hand kids seems to love couscous. Making food look familiar is a great way to try out new things and develop the taste buds.

Couscous will never bee cauliflower and cauliflower will never bee couscous. That’s they way nature intended it to be. However pretend to be couscous packed with flavor and the crunchy consistency of cauliflower is a way to make this vegetable shine.

Making cauliflower couscous is a fairly simple process. Clean and cut the cauliflower head in pieces leaving only the florets. Blitz them in a food processor until they are about cous cous size. Be careful as overdoing it will make it into a mash.


Prepare an onion and garlic. Chop it on to small and fine pieces. More or less the same size as the cauliflower couscous. Fry it on low heat with some olive oil and dried garlic. Stir around so it does not burn. When it starts to get transparent add some water and let it boil down. When the liquid just about still covers the frying pan add the cauliflower couscous. Let it fry and add salt, pepper and oregano to taste. Taste while it cooks and stop when it has the desired consistency.  Try to keep some crunch.

This works well with any dish that requires couscous. Its also great as a side such as chicken wings.

IMG_20170728_185953053 (1)

Bon appetit.



Chicken Thighs in an Hour.

Every afternoon we’re chasing time. Playtime, park, dinner, bedtime, diaper changes and preparing for the next day. And, most of all trying to get a little time just being girlfriend and boyfriend.

Our time of unwinding is making food. We would love to have more time doing it together, but with a baby it’s close to mission impossible; She’s more into breasts than her father. Today it was my turn. After an hour and some terrible burns on the fingers this was the result:

And, it was a huge success. Our son ate everything on the plate and we got some quiet family time together over a nice meal. 

Using time on family and all the things which comes with it totally worth it!

BTW: Pat on the back, I do the dishes as well!

Recipes to follow.