Snickers Rocky Road

There’s nothing not to like about this recipe: dark chocolate, caramelized peanuts and french nougat. Sweet meets salty, crunch meets chewy and guilt is overtaken buy pleasure. 

It is so easy to make. Temper the chocolate, caramelize the peanuts, buy some nougat and voila you have a Snickers Rocky Road. Of course Nougat can be made from scratch as well and it’s supposed to be quite straight-forward, but sometimes the easy way is the best way. 

The roasted peanut caramel recipe is borrowed from Mr. Lebovitz and it takes about 10-15 minutes to get the peanuts caramelized. How far can one go in this quest of heating the sugar? What you see in the pictures is around 160°C (320°F). It can certainly be pushed even more into the unknown world of caramel. Just remember that the line between great and lost forever is just a few degrees.

Tempering the chocolate is a technique which demands patience, touch and an eye for detail. Like a great lovestory it might have it’s ups and and downs, but when all goes to plan it is the highlight and fireworks will go off. The satisfaction will last for days and the best part is: it can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. It’s like the affair you’re allowed to have. And, you should have!

To temper the chocolate this is a good resource. The result of this bake is from a 47% cacao chocolate. It is supposed to be easier to temper darker chocolate than white and milk chocolates​ which are more temperamental and burns easier.

Cover a pan or tray with baking paper or similar. Place the peanuts and nougat in a pan and let them wait to be rolled in chocolate. Pour the chocolate over and let it coat well. If you any leftover chocolate spread it over a baking paper in thin. Let it cool.

This is where the hard part comes to play. Waiting. It all comes down to room temperature. From a couple of hours to overnight. This is where the chocolate flakes comes inn good if there was any leftovers. Enjoy them while waiting.

Then enjoy the “Snickers” Rocky Road.

Caramelized​ Peanut Recipe:

  • 200 cups peanuts
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup water
  • Salt to sprinkle 

Mix it all together over medium heat until desired result.

200 grams chopped nougat

400 grams dark chocolate.

For method of tempering chocolate have a look here, but it’s basically like this, if you are seeding it:

  1. Chop chocolate in small pieces. Reserve 100 grams for later. Heat 300 grams of the chocolate to 46-48°C (114-118°F). Do it in a microwave or over hot water in a thick bowl. Makes sure to take away chocolate before it all has melted completely and stir constantly.
  2. When the desired temperature is reached make sure the chocolate is not on a heat source and add the reserved chocolate pieces in a couple of rounds. Let them melt in the mixture while stiring.
  3. While stiring let it cool to 31°C (88-89°F) and pour over candied peanuts and nougat.


  1. Caramalize the peanuts.
  2. Slice nougat in small squares.
  3. Put peanuts and nougat in a baking tray or similar which is covered with baking paper or similar.
  4. Temper the chocolate.
  5. Pour chocolate over peanuts and nougat.
  6. Wait.
  7. Chop the block into bitsized pieces
  8. Enjoy