Chili con Carne in Pressure Cooker

Yesterday we received our new pressure cooker. I don’t have the patience of not trying new gadgets and utilities so we gave it a try.  

We found a basic recipe on the big web. The result was good, not amazing, but good. I like the basic recipes​ as they give inspiration for the next cook. I’ll make sure to have some sun dried bell peppers and tomatoes next time. Not to mention cooking down the meat from a bone.

Here’s the link:

Is it necessary to use a pressure cooker? Not really. Will the tweaks make a difference? I’m quite sure about it. Here’s a pic of the result:

This is the first time I’ve used​ a pressure cooker after being inspired by all the food competitions on TV. It was remarkably easy to use. A good size for our family, even though it could be nice with a 8 l. Seems like good quality as well so it will for sure be used frequently.

I’ll follow up with a proper review on the  Tefal P2530738 Secure 5 Neo Autocuiseur 6 L later.
So today’s lunch is done. Siesta time before heading to Paris this afternoon.

Happy Sunday.